Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote in free_geek,
Matthew Harris

Official Notice!

As a very extremely official notice, it should be pointed out that this community does not in any way reflect the official views of Free Geek management, mostly because we aren't sure who the Free Geek management is, and if we ever figure out who they are, I am not so sure that they could figure out their views, official or not.

Mostly this place is for flame wars that we wouldn't allow on the lists.

Haha, just kidding. Play friendly. Have fun. Don't drink the Sparks until AFTER 7 PM.
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Has anyone actually started a flame war on the lists? Everyone always seems so nice, or perhaps the truth is that they are paranoid. I set it up so that you can post without joining the group. I wonder if you can even post anonymously. That would make it easy to start flame wars. You could even play both sides of the war. I'm not worried. Did I mention that I am really tired? Yeah I should mention that.

Deleted comment

I wasn't planning NOT to. I was not sitting at home, drawing little diagrams in my notebook of how to conceal its existence from you.
I posted about it on the Free Geek core mailing list. :-)
I think there where a few flame wars on the core list, but I believe it was only a small fire, and not a supernova like you gotta stop, or get of the cow.